Years ago, Robert and Jenny Barber shared a vision for a coffee shop that not only provided freshly roasted, specialty coffee but also aided in the fight to end human trafficking.

Starting with only a popcorn kettle, Robert began to learn to roast his own coffee beans. After years of experimenting, and upgrading to a professional roaster, he is determined now more than ever to provide the best coffee to California and worldwide. 

From a young age, Jenny has felt a call to bring freedom to women and men in modern slavery. In combining these things, Talitha Koum Coffee Roasters was established to help survivors of trafficking rebuild their lives and offer quality coffee to everyone who walks in the doors.

Our fight for human rights

While it may seem like an odd combo, coffee and human rights, to us it’s the perfect fit. Talitha Koum Coffee Roasters partners with anti-trafficking causes to fight human trafficking through training, prevention, outreach, and support. We do our part by providing hope and resources to survivors of modern slavery through employment opportunities and training.

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Environmental Sustainability

We care deeply about preserving our planet for future generations and we’re intentional about every detail.  To reduce our carbon footprint, Talitha Koum Coffee utilizes an all-electric roasting process. This results in an incredible 87% emissions reduction compared to traditional roasting methods. Our beans come in packaging that is both eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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We Value Quality

Wake up to the smell of a beautifully crafted blend or a vibrant single-origin espresso. Our premium beans are carefully sourced from farms all over the world, locally roasted, and delivered to your door while still fresh.